About the Artist/Author



Name : Uepu
DOB : 26th Dec
Lives : Malaysia Borneo
Spectacles : Yes
Hair : Long
Own mangas :
    1. Alphonse (1994-1995)
    2. Sailorgalaxy (1995-2004 not finish..)
    3. My Angel, You Are Angel <MAYAA> (2004-now)

About the Webmistress

Name: Lily Erilly

Lives: M'sia

Spectacles: No

Hair: Long (ponytail)
Comic style: Shoujo style
Own Mangas:


1. The Charmed - discontinued

2. Dre@m M@ker - discontinued


:+: My Angel, You Are Angel :+: is created by Uepu . This webcomic was hosted on ComicGenesis, a free webhosting and site automation service.