A 16 years-old-boy who want a girlfriend. Since he doesnít have one until he met a girl, Cherry, and his wishes had been granted by the Angel of Love (Cupid). He didnít know that his classmate, Toru was the real Cupid and thinks that Cherry was in that position. Heís kinda grumpy person and Toru always tease him due to his personalities. 


A young girl who fall in love to Hiro at first sight for a long time. But at last, she turns to be Hiroís girlfriend via Toruís helped. She is reliable person who really cares about Hiro.


The most important character  in MAYAA and actually he is a Cupid for real. Heís a friend of Hiro and kinda a cute boy who always tease him. But there are some story behind the series and will appeared as the the series moves along.


Hana is Toru's lover. Wearing a big round spectacles and looks nerd. Her real eyes never shown on the manga series. Being friend with Hiro and Cherry.


Shiro is an Angel of Love same as Toru. His true intention to come down to the human world was about to bring Toru backs to Angel Hall. Really hates Hana whithout knowing the reason why.


Also one of the Angel of Love and came down  to the human world with Shiro. Toru never realized Miya existance since he never appeared in front of Toru himself. Different than Shiro, he seems didn't hate Hana a lot.


One of the candidate and his name is Max but his senpai always cal him as a little doggy because he has a pair of dog ears. Very naughty and he is the cause for breaking the link system between Angel Hall and the human world.


The Angel Of Love who very strictly to candidate and a serious person.


Also one of the Angel of Love and a friend of Miru. He is always smile wherever he's going and such a kind-hearted.


The Angel of Love who looks like a girl though he's a guy. A good friend of Kouya.


Yomi's partner. The way he looks like a serious person and rarely smile.


Also a candidate and a humble boy. Being friend with Max.


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